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1962 6G3 Fender Deluxe

1962 6G3 Fender Deluxe


Well... this mythical Brownface Deluxe is pretty hard to find in Oz, but try and find one as tidy and original as this! 

Just serviced and inspected by BJ Amplifiers - at some time in the past power supply capacitors and cathode by-pass capcitors have been replaced, and possibly a new leather handle, otherwise the amp is all original. Still with US two prong cord. 

This amp sounds incredible, and not like any other Fender. Breaks up more like a Marshall with a beautiful creamy overdrive and the bias driven tremolo is just jaw dropping. At a healthy 20 watts and a 12 inch Jensen speaker this little amp has plenty of poke. Great for recording or gigging. Gonna be hard to part with this one. 

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