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Cort M600 Korea

Cort M600 Korea

$600.00 Regular Price
$420.00Sale Price

Mint Condition Cort M600 super flamey maple top in immaculate condition. 


The M600's beautifully carved flame maple top is matched to a mahogany body for an ideal balance between the brilliance and cut of maple and the warmth and girth of mahogany.

The M600 is equipped with a Tone Pros bridge and talipiece for superb transfer of string vibrations into the body wood as well as excellent tuning stability and ease of string changes.

Modeled after the power and tonal range of the Seymour Duncan SH-4, the HB102 delivers an open and full sound but with tight and defined lows and a strong attack. The mids are rich and warm while the highs are clear and sweet without any piercing artifacts.

Enhanced balance, stronger highs and lows, light weight, and elimination of dead spots are the immediately noticeable benefits of the innovative Nubone nut.

The push-pull tone knob potentiometer allows for the EMG humbucker’s dual coils to be split into single-coil, providing a brighter and glassier sound ideal for genres such such as pop, funk and certain styles of jazz.

The classic block fingerboard inlay has been upgraded with genuine Abalone for a luxurious high-end look. 

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