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                               In Store Analogue Recording 


                                        We've been collecting old analogue recording                                           gear over the years, refurbishing it and                                                   bringing that classic recording sound back to                                           life. Think of those old records from the 40's -                                           70's.... those are sounds we love & cherish and                                         are commited to offering to the public.


Check out the recording GEAR tabs to view our reel to reels, old juicy tube pre amps and vintage microphones galore. We also offer you our fine selection of guitars, amps, pedals and effects to be used during your session. If it's in stock, you can give it a whirl.


It's as much about the process as it is the gear. We always prefer capturing a live performance & truly documenting a moment in time. We provide a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere in a space that feels worn in and oozes with vibe.


Whether you're a solo act, a bluegrass outfit or a garage rock act, we'll work with you to achieve that old school sound (if that's your thing).


Come on in and make yourself aquainted with the old world of audio... you never know, it just might give you that little something that's been missing.







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